Municipal Tourism Office

Christopher Nistal
Municipal Tourism Officer-Designate

Tourism Bldg.
Poblacion Dauis, Bohol

I. Functional Statement:

The Office of the Municipal Tourism shall be responsible on matters pertaining to planning and implementation of plans, programs and tourism activities.

II. Objectives:

To manage and supervise the efficiency in the operation and discharge of tourism promotion function.

III. Program/Activities:

1. Promote tourism activities.
2. Formulate programs & projects for the development of the local community as tourist attractions.
3. Prepare annual budget for tourism promotion activities, allocate festival assistance fund in the Municipality.
4. Initiate the formulation of tourism marketing strategies and promotion programs for the Municipality.
5. Maintain an information system that is linked p with the Provincial Tourism Office.
6. Together with the tourism system council, undertake the preparation and dissemination of tourism promotional materials.
7. For new tourism, operate to ensure compliance with set development standards and guidelines.
8. Study feasibility of granting incentives to potential investors in the tourism sector so as to create a positive business climate for the Municipality.
9. Support the initiatives of the Municipal Tourism Council specially in such areas as the identification of fund sources to finance its activities, the provision of venues for the council’s meetings and extension of other types of assistance that will enable the Municipal Tourism Council to evolve into a more effective body.
10. Implement the Tourism Master Plan of the Municipality in an effective and efficient way.