Angelino Boloron

Waterworks Supervisor

Ground Floor Municipal Annex Bldg

Poblacion Dauis, Bohol

Functional Statement:

  1. In relation to Water Sources Management:
    1. Conducts periodic water sources reconnaissance as part of preparatory activities for future service expansion programs and/or alternative/back-up sources to existing ones;
    2. Protects and ensures the safety of water sources from possible contamination and maintains appropriate soil and water management practices within and around the pumping wells;
    3. Conducts periodic maintenance and repairs of pumping machines and water reservoirs; and
    4. Ensures proper water treatment by monitoring the required and timely inputs of chlorine to water in all reservoirs.
  2. In relation to Distribution Systems Management:
    1. Handles management in the installation of water mains – transmissions and distribution lines, and various infrastructure projects such as rehabilitation, renovation, improvement and repairs of existing facilities and construction of future expansion projects; and
    2. Maintains the pipes network, service lines and its appurtenances and other facilities and assets including connection of and the disconnection of water service connections with delinquent concessionaires and monitoring of illegal connections, water pilferages, and other water losses.
  3. In relation to Over-all Management:
    1. Provides appropriate human resources development and administrative support services such as office supplies and materials procurement and management;
    2. Maintains a waterworks service database system;
    3. Coordinates with the Municipal Treasurer’s Office in the billing and collection of water service fees.